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We are Mike and Becky McGee and are celebrating our 30th year as  appointed missionaries to Mexico by the Assemblies of God. Just a little bit about us. We were both born in Texas.  Dying at five months old, my parents (Walter and Lucille McGee), gave me to the Lord for His will and use.  God miraculously healed me! Becky and I met in Chickasha, Oklahoma.  Her parents (Everett and Betty Burns) were pastors.  My father was a deacon at First AG.  We dated through high school. When we were newly married, I worked for several years in the insurance field, and then, served in the Air Force as a computer repairman specialist.  After graduating from college, we were opening a State Farm Agency in Ft. Worth, when God asked us to drop our vocation and follow Him.  We pastored in Dallas while attending  SAGU (Southwestern AG College).

To date, we have served 28 years in Mexico and 2 years as Missionaries-In-Residence (MIR) at NCU (North Central University of AG).

Currrently, we are serving in the northern Mexico border region where we’ve been since 1998. In 1998, God strategically moved us from Guadalajara, Mexico to this area for the purpose of planting churches and building schools.

We have four objectives that are integrated and provide a comprehensive response to the mandate of the church to go into all the world and tell the Good News for so ALL can hear.

  • Reaching the spiritually lost with the message of Jesus Christ in Mexico through mass crusades, theatrical crusades, street and tent evangelism, and travels to indigenous groups.
  • Planting churches in Mexico following the New Testament pattern.
  • Training leaders, pastors, and laypersons to proclaim the message of Jesus Christ to their own people and to other nations.
  • Touching poor and suffering people with the compassion of Christ and providing opportunities for them to accept a personal relationship with Him.



  • Honor Graduate from Robert E. Lee High Midland, Texas
  • Graduated from a state university with a B.A. in management, finance
  • Graduated from tech school in Air Force as computer systems specialist
  • Graduated from SAGU with a B.A. Christian Education
  • Working on a master’s degree in counseling with Harrison Graduate School


  • BA in Cross-cultural Ministries North Central University, AA in Journalism  (Summa Cum Laude)
  • Working to complete last 7 courses for master’s degree in Counseling at SAGU

Our Children

  • Sean McGee (40)  engineer for CISCO Married to Heather (Moeckl) McGee
  • Kristy McGee Wendler (37) (Lawyer, Assoc. Pastor in Mississippi)
  • Darla McGee Corzine (31) housewife married to Spencer Corzine, a financial planner.
  • Brandon McGee (21) missionary associate, student SAGU

The Ministry

During the past 30 years we have planted/constructed 58 churches; founded Bethesda Institute in Guadalajara, built 3 schools (working on a 5 year project currently in Matamoros MX), held 30 city-wide crusades, placed 5 theological libraries, and hosted 428 volunteer groups into Mexico.  These groups were construction, compassion, medical, evangelism, or multi-faceted.

We have worked 30 years in Mexico without a single conflict with the National Church.  People are always more important to us than the task at hand.

I have invested much time in visiting Mexican pastors in their homes, delivering bibles/tracts/beans, anointing them with oil, and encouraging them. (My superintendent said that this is one of my most valuable ministries to the national church.)

Almost every achievement on the mission field in our ministry has involved volunteer groups because I believe in Factor: philosophy about laypersons’ involvement in missions     -This is what I call the “3D Principle.

We believe that every person should maximize their joy in their journey by experiencing three things: 1. Salvation   2. Infilling of HS   3. “Hands on” missions involvement (laypersons using their God-given talent in the harvest).  Living in 3D will give depth to life, Christian living and appreciation for the Word of God.

Our Goals

During the next four years, our goals are:

  • Finish Long-term construction project at Magdiel
  • Respond the many open doors to plant and construct 4 or more churches in the center of the border wars zone between Matamoros and Falcon Lake.
  • Develop several LACC schools along the border
  • Continue to be the answer to the prayers of our people in Mexico through compassion ministry and Good News Crusades

How do we accomplish this? 

Keep God’s agenda in perspective- One day I was struggling with budget issues during itineration about 7 years ago.  God spoke to me and said, “You can be in charge of any day you can make!”

1. I must remember Who makes the sun rise and who can orchestrate my steps if I will listen. So, I must STOP, LOOK AT HIS WORD, AND LISTEN TO HIS VOICE every day. I must deliberately trust in myself less and God more.

2. Find men and women with vision in Mexico and lift their arms in obedience to the directions received by the Holy Spirit.  In so doing, I will advance the Kingdom and witness the continual development of the local and national church.

3. Ask God to call churches to support us monthly with finances and prayer.

4. Keeping in mind the “power” of the seed and the potential harvest, I am aggressively   looking to invest myself emotionally, relationally, prayerfully, and financially.  By faith, I expect a harvest each time I plant.

5. I will continue to invite as many volunteers from the USA to join me to serve the   beautiful Mexican people in order to help them experience the 3D life in God. When teams join me, I hold a devotional time each for mentoring the participants from my heart and experiences.

 How you can help!

We urgently need monthly support!  We are asking God to give us:

  1.  2 donors of $1000/month (church, individual, business)
  2.  15 donors of $100/month (church, individual, business)

God has anointed us and prepared us to change the world through church planting.  God has given us a vision to see greater things ahead than anything we have seen in the past!

We thank you for considering joining us through prayer and monthly support.

Your Missionaries —

Mike and Becky McGee

AGWM acct # 212841



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