Newsletter – December 2013

May 20, 2014


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u are a God-send for us much like Jesus was to the world.  When the Father “so loved” a lost world, he expressed His favor toward mankind through Jesus’s incarnation.  Similarly, Becky and I feel that the heavenly Father has favored us and sent you to join us in our journey to reach the beautiful Mexican people.

Christ’s obedience “even unto death” was an eternity changer for all who hear and receive Him as Savior.  Your obedience to pray for us and support us financially has great, great dividends now and forever!

Some months ago I was concerned about completing our budget.  The Holy Spirit assured me that He would send us more than enough support as I trusted Him completely.  In fact, I was told that he would send funds from unexpected sources and give us favor with God’s people.  In the past few months we have seen a tremendous breakthrough in our finances.  One night while itinerating in Oklahoma I was amazed with how God works.

It was a cold windy night in Oklahoma City. There was ice, snow, and difficult traveling conditions. After preaching the church accountant handed me a check.  Amazingly, with only a handful in the audience due to the icy conditions, the amount was $1,500!  But what happened next I will never forget.

As we were preparing to run from the church to our vehicle to escape the cold, a homeless man appeared at main entrance of the church and knocked.   Everyone’s first thought was that he needed to escape the bitter cold and had his eye on the coffee shop in the lobby.   My nephew opened the door to him and asked what he needed.  He said, “I just need to speak to the man of God.  Where is the preacher?”  He was asked what business he had with the preacher.

He said, “I have an offering for him.  I need to pay my tithes.  I have been blessed so much by God that I know I need to give!”

We were stunned…and speechless as he handed me a crinkled up $10.00 bill with a smile ear to ear.  He was invited to take a hot beverage. Then, he disappeared into the cold night.

It touches our hearts to read the account about how God provided for the old testament prophet through a raven.  We know as well that He meets our ministry needs in ways that remind us of His greatness and His faithfulness as He did in Oklahoma City.

You, as well, have touched our hearts with your generous support.  Please take to heart these words:  You are needed!  You are appreciated…and we are so thankful that you love the world so much that you are willing to deny yourself and talk up your cross so all can hear.



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