Newsletter – Fall 2013

October 21, 2013


 new6000footbldgatmagdielhousesofficesDear Friends,

Let’s celebrate a major victory!  We are so thankful to the Lord for the generous responses the past 8 months to the construction project at Magdiel Institute.  We launched this fourth and last major building program in December 2012 with a budget of over $100,000.   This week we are putting the finishing touches on the two story, 3000 sq. ft. structure which contains three large classrooms, teachers’ lounge, bathrooms, computer lab/library, and three large executive offices!  The entire building, roof and all is concrete and steel.

It is another example of what God’s people can as a team!   Thank you for always being there for  our people and for our family.  With your prayer support and financial support we will win!

Beyond the Rio Grande a War Rages!

As all eyes are on the Middle East, I feel that I must raise a huge red flag for all Americans and especially our Texas friends pertaining to the looming danger at our back door.  There is a Scripture in John that says, “We are all Christians and the whole world around us is under the power of the Evil One.”   Truly, this is the case.  In America’s back yard, narco-terrorism in Mexico has been fully documented for several years.  The question is, are we paying attention?  Are we doing everything possible to destroy the works of darkness that threaten our very homeland?

 “Texas has become critical terrain and operational ground zero in the cartel’s effort to expand into the United States. The Mexican people are sad inheritors of tragic conditions spawned by this incipient war, including over 40,000 murdered (update: now between 50,000 – 70,000), thousands of kidnappings, financial ruin, and civil society in Mexico’s northern states severely deteriorated. The terror inflicted on the Mexican people can no longer be characterized as mere wanton criminality. Conditions in Mexico have become so horrific as to approach a civil war, driven by terrorists motivated by profit and greed rather than ideology or radical religion. Conditions in Mexico are akin to the beginnings of a terrorist failed state, and the impact of these conditions on the state of Texas and its citizens is both dramatic and far-reaching.”

   —Texas Border Security (A Strategic Military Assessment)

Never in our thirty years has it been so critical for the McGee family to be faithful to the task of reaching the desperate Mexican people along the border.  Nevertheless, our required budget demands us to travel to raise our support.  Presently we need $1600 of monthly support and $35,000 cash.  I will be attempting to continue our projects simultaneous, while traveling.  Pray for Mexico; the situation could not be more critical for them and for America.  Also pray for a tremendous response for our support.




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